"Toughest Sheriff" Arpaio Can't Police Own Department?

Image from source, Think Progress
Well, well, well. So, Sheriff Joe, big tough guy, FOX "News" favorite? Apparently he can't even police his own men effectively. And if the FOX fans are true to form, there will be no impact on his popularity there. They forgive any ridiculous thing that Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck do, so they'll offer their sympathy, backed with their support, undoubtedly. What, me cynical?


Three Arpaio Employees Arrested For Drug And Human Trafficking

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has made a name for himself as “America’s toughest Sheriff.” For the past several years, Arpaio has waged a crusade against Maricopa County’s undocumented population through immigration sweeps and dehumanizing tactics. . .

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