What Happens in Vegas: Mayor Goodman Prepares to Say Goodbye

I've lived in Las Vegas for over 16 years, but I don't really live in Las Vegas. I live in Paradise Township, which is where you've actually been when you've visited the Las Vegas Strip. You have to get north of the (now defunct) Sahara to enter Las Vegas proper, and a lot of people never even get there.  The mayor of what is north of the strip is Oscar Goodman, you may have heard of him.
The happiest mayor in the universe,
with Holly Madison.
Oscar usually does little to dissuade people from thinking he's the mayor of the whole Las Vegas valley, and I don't blame him, really. And when you think about it, since most people don't know there's a difference, Goodman sort of does represent all of us here. And he's been an effective presence, certainly the most visible mayor in the country (unless one is currently in a sex scandal or something). We'll miss him. Of course, if his wife wins the upcoming election, we won't have to look very hard for him.


Las Vegas Mayor Goodman Reluctantly Says Goodbye

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman surveyed the piles of memorabilia spilling from his City Hall office: the bowling ball disguised as an olive, the diamond-studded bottle of gin, the Red Bull mini-refrigerator. It all must go, but he can't bring himself to start packing. . .

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