Blogger Down! Again! Is it Boogie Fever?

For the second time in a month, I was hit with a high fever, sort of out of the blue. A few weeks ago, I missed a day of work with a 102 fever, and congestion that was off the charts. In fact, when it started, I thought it was just developing allergies. This time, I just felt lethargic and tired, and started feeling a little sweaty. I thought, "I wonder if I have a fever?" But I didn't check, or think much of it. Later, I stood up, and was wobbly. . .whoa! Something was going on.

I checked my temperature, and it was over 100. I rapidly felt worse, and took it again: 101.6, 102. . . By the time I went to bed at 10:00--which I never do on a Friday night--it was 103! It was one of the most miserable nights of sleep I've had in my life, top three easy. I sweated away four pounds. My sheets were practically balled up. And I didn't awaken to anything much better. All day, my temperature has gone from 102 to 101 to 103 again, and back and forth. The hottest was 103.4, which worried me. At 104, I've had hallucinations. Do. Not. Want. Worse, I was supposed to go to a party with The Other Half Saturday. Ugh.

So he's off at the party with my meatballs and vegetable platter, and I'm home, in fits of sweats. But the good news: The temperature has been in decline. From 6:30 pm or so, to now (9:15), I've finally dropped to under 100. That's practically normal! A damned sight better than 103, anyway. The odd thing is, I've had virtually no other symptoms. Slight headache, a negligible cough. Mostly just sweaty, sometimes icy cold and sometimes blazingly hot. And that, in a rather large nutshell, is why I haven't blogged much today.