Former Presidential Hopeful John Edwards Indicted

Image from source, New York Times
More than four years ago, the Democratic field for the 2008 presidential campaign was very strong. Late in March 2007, I went with my friend Stupid Monkey Planet to an SEIU event here in Las Vegas featuring all of the candidates: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich (?) and John Edwards. This was right after Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, announced the relapse of her cancer, and all eyes (and cameras) were on the couple. The Monkey and I were right behind her in the bleachers, so we even ended up in the video of the event.

At the time, it was clear that Edwards, Obama and Clinton were the three it was going to boil down to. Obama was impressive with his intelligence and unscripted answers to questions (asked by Margaret Carlson, I think), and no, there was no teleprompter. Clinton worked the crowd like a pro, and really wowed me. But Edwards was my choice after that day. There was something so earnest, so sincere about him. And there was my empathy for Elizabeth, and let's face it, Edwards cut a dashing figure. I could really picture him as president. Then, he turned out to be a scumbucket. And the Democratic Party really dodged a warhead, didn't they?


Edwards Indicted in Campaign Fund Case

John Edwards, the former senator from North Carolina and presidential candidate, was indicted Friday morning by a grand jury in Raleigh on charges that he violated campaign finance law during his 2008 presidential campaign. . .

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