Heckler at Weiner Press Conference Was Howard Stern Writer

Turning faux outrage into a career. From source, NY Times.
Howard Stern has writers? Well, in a story that explains a lot, one of them was that dude shouting inappropriate things (which is somehow appropriate) at former Congressman Anthony Weiner (R-NY) at his resignation press conference. He's the guy you may have heard yelling "pervert!" at Weiner. Always classy, those Stern guys. I happen to enjoy having a semi-immature and inappropriate sense of humor, but Stern--though a gifted entertainer--very often just comes off mean.


Even a Media Circus Needs a Clown

. . .Midway through Mr. Weiner’s four-minute speech Thursday afternoon and moments after Mr. Weiner had announced his resignation, Mr. Bronk, a writer and performer from “The Howard Stern Show,” leaped from his seat in the crowd and began to heckle the New York congressman, asking crude questions about the now-famous picture of Mr. Weiner wearing gray boxer-briefs. . .

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