Jon Stewart on FOX "News" Sunday

FOX "News" Sunday is easily the least of all the Sunday morning political chat fests, but due to is scheduling here in Las Vegas, usually is one of the two I regularly watch (along with NBC's Meet the Press). Chris Wallace is also the least of the hosts (narrowly edging out David Gregory), but when stacked up against the rest of the FOX "News" talent, is probably the best. Faint praise, I know. This point is made by Jon Stewart in the interview below. Stewart says--and I agree--that Wallace is most likely there to give the whole operation a sheen of respectibility, since without him, there wouldn't be any.

Stewart comes out swinging, gently, with humor. He punctuates that humor with some good solid points that FOX "News" viewers probably don't get to hear often.  And at times, he just plain comes out (justifiably) swinging. Wallace--even though probably the best reporter FOX has--tries to frame some "gotcha" questions, but Stewart comes up the winner. I think it's a great bit of video, and surely worth your time.