Michele Bachmann Can't Stop Lyin', and it Won't Matter

Image from source, ThinkProgress
First, a note. I'm finally--I think--kicking this weird fever roller coaster ride I've been on. So I'll be back to blogging with a little more gusto. And maybe a little more diversity? Olbermann, Gay Marriage and Michele Bachmann, oh my! Yeah, I'll try to spread out a little.

But this one is a story that should, if not sink Bachmann's boat, at last put a dent in its hull. But you know what? It probably won't. Like Sarah Palin, Bachmann is more a cult of personality than an accomplished politician. For all the "Messiah/The One/Celebrity" status the right tried to paint onto Obama, they latch onto their icons with much more fierce tenacity. Liberals and progressives have shown themselves quite willing to criticize Obama, sometimes to ridiculous extremes.

But if Palin or Bachmann make a gaffe? Get caught in a lie? Are proven to be a hypocrite about something? That's just the lamestream media, picking on Republican women. It doesn't matter if they're caught dead to rights, the mere fact that the media or bloggers are making an issue of it is the problem. It's a classic "blame the messenger" response, but they don't realize it. And it's really Bachmann's ace in the hole with these people. As when Palin wrote on her hand, and then turned it into some sort of virtue, Bachman has carte blanche with conservatives.  And on a side note, since the excerpted story below is from Think Progress, no matter how true it is, every Bachmann supporter would completely discount it.


Bachmann Personally Benefited From Earmarks, Then Falsely Claims She Never Did

Michele Bachmann (R-MN) officially kicked off her presidential campaign this morning in Iowa, right after the latest state poll shows her surging and only a point behind front-runner Mitt Romney (R-MA). But as she becomes a more prominent and viable candidate, Bachmann is facing fresh scrutiny over her past remarks and positions. . .

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