Michele Bachmann has the Spirit of John Wayne Gacy?

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Oh, my. This is a strange, strange gaffe for Michele Bachmann to make. She's done similar things before, kind of skimming a history text, and spouting out a history lesson that jumbles the details. But she's not just from Waterloo, Iowa, she's making a great big giant deal about her birthplace. So, how could she not know that the John Wayne from Waterloo was the serial killer rather than the right-wing hero?

In right-wing world, this is now a) being dismissed as a simple gaffe, b) being called the Palin-fication of Bachmann by the lamestream media, c) being called irrelevant because President Obama once said "57 states", and d) actually being cited as correct, since John Wayne's parents were from Waterloo, and that Gacy only lived there for a couple of years, so he wasn't from there! So it is now clear that Bachmann is going to get the same level of water-carrying that Palin got.


Wayne's birthplace no secret in Iowa

The Minnesota congresswoman cited John Wayne as an inspiration during her campaign kickoff in Waterloo, Iowa, Monday, saying the actor hailed from the town. In fact, Wayne hailed from Winterset, while serial killer John Wayne Gacy came from Waterloo. . .

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Thanks to my sister and to Stupid Monkey Planet for pointing this one out.