MySpace is for Sale: There is One Bidder

MySpace used to be the place to go on the internet. I joined it, but never quite figured it out. In fact, almost every MySpace page I ever went to was so badly designed--with text that couldn't be read over the loud background images, and loud music files playing with no obvious "off button--that it just wasn't worth the time. Then Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp bought MySpace at just about the time that Facebook was taking off. Facebook was easy to understand, easy on the eyes, and much more usable. I don't think I ever went to another MySpace page.

It's kind of interesting to see which services become so common that they are now parts of speech (Google), and which ones wither and die. Sometimes it's sad. Other times--like when Rupert Murdoch is involved--I feel a bit of schadenfreude.


Myspace Has Just One Bidder, Sources Say

The tragic tale of once successful Myspace may finally come to an end. . .
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