Nevada Passes No Texting/No Cell Phone Law

Image from Harris May Injury Lawyers (of course)
Hmmm. For the most part, I am for this law. I very, very, very rarely talk on my cell phone while driving, and have only ever done so when answering a call (with maybe two very rare exceptions, in like seven years). When I see a person whip out their phone--as they're pulling out of a parking lot, going left, across eight lanes of traffic--I'm blown away by the stupidity. On those rare days where I answer a call while driving, I always question the wisdom of doing so. And I'd argue that there is never. Not ever. An excuse to text while driving. It is 100% of the time made of stupid.

But I wonder what I'll do now, if I hear (or feel the vibrations) my phone ringing? Will I pull over to answer the phone? Will that in itself present a new danger that I wouldn't have attempted before? Will I say, "Screw it, catch me, coppers!" Maybe. But even more rarely than I already use the phone while driving. I may have to invest in a better-than-Big-Lots-$8-Special Blue Tooth earpiece. But will fumbling with the earpiece that was laying in the console under your sunglasses, Altoids, air freshener and Chap-Stick be any safer? In any event, I hope this stops the moronic texters. If I'm ever arrested for texting while driving, it will be deserved, because I've officially taken leave of my senses.


Bill bans texting or talking behind the wheel

It will soon be illegal for you to text or use your cell phone while driving.

Last week, Governor Brian Sandoval signed into law a bill banning the practice. . .

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