News of the Weird: "Foreskin Man" Comic (San Francisco Circumcision Ban)

Sorry, all the good dick jokes were stolen by
the Anthony Weiner story. Image from
source, Joe.My.God.
A few topics will cause instantaneous flame wars on the internets: gay marriage, abortion rights, evolution vs. creationism. . . and circumcision.  If you were unaware, the topic of circumcision--pro or con--will draw more comments than most other topics, and will also come down to a very black or white argument. It seems people are pro or con, with very little in the middle.

So, the fact that there is a proposed circumcision ban in San Francisco of course brings out both sides. Now, they're not proposing that circumcision be banned outright. Only that you shouldn't be allowed to perform one on a baby without their informed consent. And since a baby can't give informed consent, the law would basically make the surgery an 18-or-older type of thing. Which actually sounds reasonable to me, but will play out in our real world much like trying to remove "In God We Trust" from our money. It should be done, but it won't be. 

And the funny thing about circumcision is that it sort of boils down to what you know, or what you own, mostly. It's like iPhone vs. Android. . .you'll declare the one that you have the best. So an circumcised dude will declare his the best, and an uncut guy will insist that the other guy has no idea what he's missing. All of that said, I never imagined a comic book on the subject, or a superhero championing the cause.


SAN FRANCISCO: "Foreskin Man" Comic Riles Opponents Of Circumcision Ban

Opponents of San Francisco's proposed ban on circumcision say a comic book being using to promote the ballot referendum is anti-Semitic. . .

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