Photo Finish: Will Greenlee Gazette Hit 200,000 Hits or 49 Months First?

49 months? What? Yeah, I know. I've been blogging for just a skootch past four years now. But I only added the Site Meter thingy about a month or so into my project. So the point when I started measuring is sort of nebulous. But I'm watching my numbers (with ridiculous interest), and wondering. . .which is going to hit first? 200,000 visitors or 49 months? It's stupid--particularly when you figure that the big blogs like AmericaBlog or DailyKos get 200,000 visitors on a bad day. . .or hour--but for me? I'm a virtual one-man-show (with the occasional exception of Stupid Monkey Planet), with no promotion whatsoever beyond the built-in Google AdSense.

I've also discovered that smart phones and RSS visitors do not register in the total. So, my total visitor count only logs those people who arrive here by traditional means, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Opera. My real visitor count could be double, triple. . .hell, let's guess quintillion times higher! I am the internets!

Seriously though, I see the 200,000 milestone as a semi-big deal. I know that others with more laser-like focus have hit my readership in days or weeks. But this blog was started on a whim, and is still only a hobbyist venture. I consider every visitor to be a victory for the little guy, and a testament to America, and so should you! Or something! Thanks for stopping by, and please, bring your friends!