Photo of the Day: Eyebrows Threading

I'm becoming more and more obsessed with the Fresh & Easy market, and their daily markdown section. I was dubious of this quirky grocery when they first opened, thinking it was like Trader Joe's without the artsy-fartsy. But it's grown on me, and I'm glad that they've survived. Other stores in the same shopping center have not been so lucky, with most of the original tenants having gone out of business. But in a sign of a (hopefully) rebounding economy, most have been replaced. Oddly though, the new business are distinctly. . .well. . .odd. There's a restaurant called C R Buns. Yes, really. There's a hookah bar. And then there is the establishment with the grammatically incorrect sign in the picture at left. I'm not sure what "eyebrow threading" actually is, but I'm quite sure it isn't Eyebrows Threading.  And a pox on the cowardly sign company that didn't correct this for them. At least there isn't an apostrophe.