Private Jet Tax Loophole: Not a Metaphor; It's Real

Image from source, Think Progress
Conservatives are barking mad about the "private jet" tax loophole that President Obama keeps talking about. It's just a metaphor, the latest "class warfare" fake phrase. What, like "limousine liberal?" But hey, guess what, it's not. It's a real thing. It is true that Obama used it specifically because of its brazenness and likelihood to strike a chord, I've no doubt of that. But he didn't make the thing up. It's there, it's stupid, it should be eliminated, no matter what that putz Grover Norquist thinks.


Republican Senators Defend Corporate Jet Tax Loophole

President Obama’s call during a press conference yesterday to end a tax breaks for private jet owners has been met with derision and confusion by many the right, with most Republicans lawmakers dismissing it out of hand as just another tax hike. “Republicans weren’t having it,” the Wall Street Journal reported. . .

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