Right Wing World: Really, Really, Really BIG Government

When Republicans claim to be for smaller, reduced government, they don't mean it. Sure, they don't like social programs that help people. They don't want any of their taxes going for stuff they don't like (art, science, helping people).  If government is spending money on things they like (guns, bombs, wars), and supporting things they like (prisons, border fences), it's all good. But nowhere does the hypocrisy shine more than when you look at what they really focus on, as soon as they regain power:

- Abortion
- Anti-gay legislation
- Pro-religion anything
- Pro-gun anything

It doesn't matter that they got in by promising to do something about the economy and jobs. Those aren't their real priorities. And when they tick off those four things? They go deeper into crazy town to things like contraception. Yes, seriously.