Sarah Palin Appears on FOX "News" Sunday as Featured Guest

This morning, when I started the DVR to watch the Sunday morning political showathon, I noticed that Meet the Press wasn't in the queue. Yep, pre-empted by tennis or something. Face the Nation is always bumped, because it is on at the same time as two other shows, and This Week is always on later (sometimes much later) in our region. So all that was there was FOX "News" Sunday with Chris Wallace.

Sigh. Okay, make the coffee, go have a constitutional, and then brave the vaguely creepy Wallace. And who pops up first? Sarah freakin' Palin. I thought when her bus tour to nowhere petered out that we might get a respite from mama grisly. But there she was. Looking very TV-ready, with fluffed up hair, glossy lips, an elaborate--yet tasteful--crucifix necklace, deep tan, and commanding--yet feminine--white top. Clearly, the people who do up the FOX "News" babes got a crack at her. [Continued below]

Anyway, though Palin always manages to talk in endless stream of consciousness word salad sentences, she managed to mostly be succinct this morning. Wallace asked her several policy questions that Palin has no background in, and she hit the softballs back with slightly less folksiness than usual. She managed to get through the interview without tripping on her tongue, or making a major gaffe. And her cultish fans will be thrilled about that. They will also no doubt ignore that Palin was appearing on a program produced by her employer. That she could have been coached, prompted or scripted remains not only possible, but likely.

Anyway, what we learned from the mavericky rogue, included:

- She didn't screw up the Paul Revere story, she was just giving us the less famous part of the story (why, I have no idea)*.
- She's ponderin' the run for president, and turnin' over rocks, but she hasn't decided yet, doggone it!
- Her bus tour wasn't a family vacation or a publicity tour, it was a history tour!
- She's really sorry she stepped all over Mitt Romney's toes (or ran them over) when he announced his run. Don't get your magic underwear all in a twist there, Mittens!

*Incidentally, everyone who is trying to spin Palin's rambling Revere story as accurate (including the person who posted the above video at YouTube): you're full of it. Palin's delivery was abysmal, and her "facts" sounded like they went through a food processor. She burped up "bells" and "guns" and "warned the British." If she were giving an oral report in a history class (or even if this were a pageant answer), I seriously doubt she'd have made the grade. So give it up. She's a twit.