United Airlines Computer Crash Grounds Flights

Image from source, Boston.com
As a long-time computer user (is 30 years a long time?) and husband to a United Airlines employee, this story gets me on a couple of levels. I've been affected by (and the occasional cause of) a computer glitch/disaster/Apocalypse at more than one job. But I've never worked for an international company, where a computer crash could affect the lives of thousands of people. Well, except for Bank One for a short patch in the 80s, but we were barely computerized. Shoot, we could use rubber stamps and calculators in a pinch back then.

Anyway, in a typical "checking in" phone call this evening, The Other Half mentioned a computer issue. "Hope it doesn't last too long," he said from his airport location that I was too disinterested/drunk to note. Only later--in fact on the 11:00 news, did I know that this is a worldwide issue with UAL! Holy moley. Though I've got to say, when I see him using his online software, and it is green letters on a black background, with arcane abbreviations. . . I'm not altogether surprised that this ancient system could be prone to glitches. Get home safely, honey!


United Airlines: Computers coming back online

Stranded United Airline passengers wait at the United Airlines ticket counter at Denver International Airport Friday, June 17, 2011, in Denver, Co. United Airlines is reporting computer problems that are affecting flights across the United States. On its Twitter page, United reported late Friday the computer outage was interrupting departures, airport processing and reservations. Attempts to access the airline's website are also being stymied. . .

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