Weinergate: Conservatives Really Want it to be a Scandal

"Oh, I wish it were just an Oscar Mayer Wiener"
Image from source, Salon
I don't know what to make of the Anthony Weiner (D-NY) "Weinergate" scandal. On one hand, it's a sad statement on the state of politics and news that this is the biggest thing being talked about. Would I be squealing like a stuck pig about it, if this were a high-profile conservative? Probably, but only if they happened to be a "family values" conservative. Anthony Weiner hasn't ever been a sanctimonious prig, so the newsworthiness of the story lags behind the gossipy nature of it.

My take on it is this: Anthony Weiner is a very outspoken liberal who is hated by right-wingers. Andrew Breitbart is a sleazy (even by conservative internet rabble-rouser standards) opportunist who loves to slop mud on people, truth be damned. Anthony Weiner probably had some naughty pix of himself somewhere (though he mustn't have many, or the actual image wouldn't be airable on The Daily Show). Whether or not it was for himself, his wife, or somebody else, I don't know, and it isn't our business. Weiner has dodged the "is it really a photo of him" question, likely because it is. But I have heavy doubts that he actually sent it to anybody, at least not on purpose. My hunch is that somebody culled his phone/online photo album/whatever, found this one salacious shot, and then faked the tweet.

It will really suck if this takes down a good Congressman. Because, I'm doubtful that anything illegal, or possibly even unethical happened. And I'm positive that the people involved in breaking the story are capable of fakery and lies. That much is proven.


Right-wingers really, really, really hoping Anthony Weiner story holds up

It is certainly possible that Representative Anthony Weiner sexted a young woman who lives in Washington state. My own theory, based primarily on the fact that the only person who seemed to notice the Tweet supposedly sent by Weiner was a creepy right-winger who is obsessed with the New York Democrat, is that one or more of the congressman's social networking profiles were phished or otherwise compromised, as he says. But I could be wrong! (I'm also inclined to believe that if Weiner were sending inappropriate photos to young women, he'd send them directly and not via a public photo-sharing site. But politicians do dumb things!). . .

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