8 Glasses of Water Per Day? Nonsense!

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Okay, here's a sore subject with me. I'm a beverage drinker. I like to get my drink on (and I'm not just talking about alcohol!). At work in the morning, I have at least three cups of coffee while drinking a cold beverage along with them. Throughout the work day, I'll have one diet soda with lunch, and I'll refill my bottle with instant tea or other powdered drink. At home in the evening, it's usually diet soda, but occasionally cocktails. Whatever the time of day is, I've got an active beverage nearby.

But I'm often told, what I'm drinking "doesn't count." It isn't water. Straight water. Apparently, if it contains anything but H2O, it is transmogrified into something that isn't healthy. And of course, even though I'm drinking something all day long, I'm apparently supposed to also consume eight glasses of water per day!

At no time is this drilled into you more, than when you are sick, especially with a fever. "Keep hydrated!" they'll chirp. "Not coffee, either. WATER!!!" So, late last month when I had a stretch of days with a perplexingly high fever (and oddly, no other symptoms), I decided to take this advice. After two days of fever, I thought I might be doing it wrong, so I glugged and chugged water all day. You know what? I woke up in literal pool of sweat--so wet I was concerned that it wasn't sweat, if you know what I mean--and I still had a fever! From head to heels, my bed was soaked. I had to change clothes and beds. But I still drank water the next day, and. . .repeat performance.

So, I'm prepared to call bullshit on this one. But I'm not the only one.


Drinking 8 Glasses Of Water A Day Is 'Nonsense,' Doc Says

The health recommendation to drink six to eight glasses of water a day is "thoroughly debunked nonsense," a doctor wrote this week in a commentary in the British Medical Journal. . .

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