August 10 Deadline Instead of the 2nd for Debt Ceiling?

Image from source, HuffPo
Oh, great. A whole extra week of this crap? And even then, there is no guarantee that all this stalling won't cause damage before the deadline. This is all so stupid, and no matter how some people view President Obama, I can't envision a universe where I'd find John Boner Boehner or Mitch McConnell to be inspiring.

But you know what? Today, the Don't Ask, Don't Tell discriminatory policy in the military was ended (or more accurately, it's being euthanized in 60 days). So I went to right-wing world outpost to see what they had to say about it. Aside from some of the most bigoted, hateful and nasty rhetoric this side of Linda Blair in The Exorcist, you know what I found? A commenter who was blaming Obama for circumventing Congress. The poster "couldn't remember" the House and Senate voting to end DADT. This despite the fact that it was a bloody battle in the waning days of the lame duck Democratic Congress. Despite the fact that it was pushed further and further down the schedule, and that Harry Reid had to threaten working on Christmas to get a vote. There was even one delusional FReeper who claimed that the mainstream media swept it under the carpet and didn't cover it!

So, see? No matter how protracted and ridiculous a battle in the Congress is, we forget about them, given enough time. Right now, we're so invested in this debt ceiling/national debt/deficit/tax cuts/revenue increase/spending cut battle, it's almost all that is on the news. But if we manage not to default and cause a cataclysmic world-wide depression, this battle will fade away too.


Debt Ceiling Deadline Might Be August 10, Not August 2: Report 

For months, markets have been girding themselves against the possibility that the U.S. will reach the limits of its borrowing ability on August 2 and default on its debts. But researchers at Barclays Capital think the real deadline may not be until a week later. . .

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