Bachmann Disproves GOP's "Obama's Blank Check" Line

A couple of weeks ago, I commented in this space about Karl Rove's CrossroadsGPS "Obama's Blank Check" attack ads. The bit about a blank check has been used in politics forever, but of all the charges against Obama, it's kind of a weird one. And since those ads started running, we've been hearing the line from (of course) FOX "News" and right-wing talk radio. Worse, John Boner Boehner used it in his tragically lame, fact-free "rebuttal" to President Obama's address the other night. And now, Mitch McConnell.

Along with the blank check charge, is the "Obama's spending binge" line. What? When? The stimulus? The one most economists agree worked, but would have been much better if it was bigger? WTF are they talking about? Well, I can only say it's a nice bit of kismet that Michele Bachmann herself has disproved the entire notion!


Whoops! Michele Bachmann inadvertently proves key GOP talking point false

. . .Of course, if Congress ultimately determines spending — which of course it does — there’s no way raising the debt ceiling would constitute giving President Obama a “blank check,” as John Boehner and other Republicans keep falsely insisting. . .

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