Boehner Bill Passes, Will Go Soft in Senate

Image from Dickipedia
Heh. Boehner Bill. Anyway, this thing would be a disaster if it passed the Senate. But Harry Reid and President Obama both promise it will not pass. Which, even though the debt ceiling deadline looms, is actually a good thing. Next (after the Senate votes this one down) will be Harry Reid's bill, which will require a super majority (and that might be tricky). Stupid Senate and their stupid filibuster that they could have neutered but didn't.  But isn't this fun?

By the way, the addition of a "balanced budget amendment" is epically stupid, not to mention impossible. Constitutional amendments aren't crammed through in 11th-hour bills, they take years. Stupid.


House Passes Boehner Debt Bill

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner brought a revised bill to raise the debt ceiling, cut spending and call for a balanced-budget amendment to House floor for a vote Friday evening. . .

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