"Cut, Cap and Balance" Plan is Extreme (and Extremely Dumb)

Image from source, Think Progress
The inelegantly named "Cut, cap and balance" plan offered up by Congressional Republicans allegedly will solve all of our budgetary woes. It would do so by cutting government programs by unrealistic percentages, rolling them back 45 years. It is--I hope--a last ditch effort by Republicans to throw something out there to their Tea Baggers before ultimately allowing the debt ceiling to be raised. We don't have time for this crap.


Republican ‘Cut, Cap, And Balance’ Plan Would Require A 25 Percent Cut In Every Government Program

House Republicans are planning to hold a vote tomorrow on the radical “cut, cap, and balance” plan, which stipulates that the federal debt ceiling only be raised if a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution is sent to the states for ratification. As we’ve noted time and again, such an amendment is a phony solution to the nation’s budget challenges, and would force the government into actively making economic downturns worse. . .

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