Countdown with Keith Olbermann Puts Spotlight on Marcus Bachmann

Michele Bachmann has a problem, when it comes to a path to the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. That problem is named Marcus Bachmann. Part of the problem is that the Bachmanns have a "Christian" mental health clinic. Yes, mental health. Mrs. Bachmann isn't--as far as I know--a patient herself. This religion-based clinic takes Medicaid payments from the government, and Michele lies about it. That part of the story we know already.

But more than that, the meat of the story is that a good chunk of the business the Bachmanns apparently undertake is religious conversions of gay people. Reparative therapy. It's a practice that is condemned by all of the major medical associations, and should be a dodgy sort of thing to give government money to. Add to this the extraordinarily um. . . *f-a-a-a-a-abulous!* flamboyance of Marcus Bachmann himself, who destroys gaydar sensors, and you've got a political powder keg. This one is just on simmer right now. But there is no freaking way this thing doesn't blow up.