FAA May Lose Funding Tomorrow.

Funny how some big stories fly under the radar. But it seems the FAA runs out of funding on Friday if the Senate and House can't come to an agreement, that's what happens. That they've been kicking this can down the road for years--20 times--kinda shows how stupid our government has become.

So, what are they fighting about this time? Republicans are basically holding a bunch of small airports hostage, threatening their funding, and thus the livelihoods of many people around those small towns. The amount of federal funding for those airports is comparatively tiny. Plus, Republicans want to do some union squashing. Naturally.


Fate of FAA caught in partisan stalemate over funding

With the 20th stopgap funding extension for the nation's aviation system about to expire, the congressional stalemate over a multibillion-dollar, long-term funding bill has turned into a strikingly nasty squabble. . .

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