Michele Bachmann's Huge Makeup Receipts

So, Marcus doesn't do the hair and makeup?
Image from source, Mother Jones

A story like this puts me in something of a quandary. Back in the 2008 election primaries, then candidate (and current scoundrel) John Edwards was taken to task by the right wing for a $400 haircut. They even caught him on video, primping his hair, and this became an endless source of amusement for right-wing world. They're very easily entertained.

But when that story was hot, I soooo didn't care. I thought it was stupid. Candidates have to look good, and campaigns are expensive affairs. Who cares what he spent on his hair? So, why should I care about Michele Bachmann's hair and makeup bill? Well, I don't, not really. For one thing she's a woman, and the press and public would be merciless if she didn't look her best. Of course, her mantra of austerity, and willingness to see the burdens most heavily placed on the lower classes does give her a bit of a Marie Antoinette air. But so what. I already think her morals are suspect. Moralizers usually have the worst morals.

So the big news here, as far as I'm concerned, is that Michele Bachmann has a stylist. A female stylist. So our wishes of her having a gay stylist biding his time to wreck her coif will never be realized.


Michele Bachmann's $4,700 Hair and Makeup Bill

Considering Rep. Michele Bachmann's crusade against government spending and her demand that America live within its means, you wouldn't figure her for a conspicuous spender. But after launching her bid for the White House, Bachmann has broken with her usual frugality and shelled out some serious cash on a stylist in what could be seen as her own John-Edwards'-$400-haircut moment. . .

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