Olbermann: Could News Corp. Be Behind "Climategate" Hacking?

Oooh. Do you remember what "climategate" was? A bunch of scientists had their emails hacked, see, and their mails were kind of unprofessional and snarky. It was alleged--often by News Corp. property FOX "News"--that the emails proved that global warming (aka global climate change) was a hoax. Or something. They didn't really do that, but you know how those FOX narratives go. Like how ACORN may have been exonerated, but FOX viewers still believe that James O'Keefe is some sort of folk hero for "bringin' 'em down."

But how interesting would it be if this whole climategate thing was a result of Rupert Murdoch's companies' illegal hacking? For one thing, it would drag this scandal into an even bigger light.


Olbermann: News Corp. could be behind ‘Climate Gate’ hacking

On Countdown Wednesday night, Keith Olbermann discussed with Joe Romm, editor of ClimateProgress.org, the possibility that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation was behind the “Climate Gate” hacking. . .

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