Palin Cult: Children of the Corn

"He who walks behind the rows. . ." Image
from source, Wonkette
Sure. Accuse me of "phoning it in." While this story does specifically call Sarah Palin's followers a cult, nowhere are they referred to as "Children of the Corn." But, dammit, it's Iowa, they're famous for corn. Palin's followers have GOT to be entranced or enchanted or under some sort of spell. And I love Stephen King. So, it'll do.


Palin Cult Followers Wander Iowa Awaiting Signs From Mama Grizzly

In the absence of Sarah Palin saying anything about whether she will run for president, her followers are walking around the Iowa cornfields as un-anointed apostles canvasing for their mysteriously quiet snowbilly messiah and waiting for her sign. . .

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