Rachel Maddow Helps Us Wrap Our Brains Around Rupert Murdoch Scandal

This is a couple of days late, but it's a great wrap-up of the News of the World/News Corp./Rupert Murdoch ongoing scandal. It's a scummy scandal, and it's about time that ol' Rupe got a smack down. But this scandal isn't a neat, easy to understand in one quick sentence story. Rachel Maddow--a personal favorite, as stated here many times--does a great job laying it out for us.

Now, hold on just a second. If you're one of those MSNBC = the opposite of FOX "News" folks; a Rachel Maddow is the anti-Sean Hannity, I get where you're coming from (even though you're wrong). But skip to the 5:00 section of this video for an interesting demonstration. There, you'll find a dude on FOX "News" who is equating hacking scandals at banks and other areas with the Rupert Murdoch thing. Then watch Rachel's frustrated WTF? OMFG! response to his f'd up analogy. Then try to say Rachel is wrong. Dare you.