What Happens in Vegas: Resort Sues the Tea Party

(Summoning up my best Nelson Muntz impression from The Simpsons) HA-HA!

The for-profit, astro-turfiest wing of the tea party, The Tea Party Express Nation is in trouble. The owners of The Venetian and Palazzo are suing them for big bucks. You might remember that the wind was already going out of the tea bagger balloon last year. They planned this big event in Las Vegas, and then postponed it. . .and then canceled it all together. But it would seem that they made a deal with arch-conservative Sheldon Adelson's properties, and they welched. It's really so funny sad.
She's doing it wrong. Image from BizarroBlog


Las Vegas resort sues tea party group over hotel bill

(Excerpt consists of only a headline because the LVRJ is particularly litigious. Sorry.)

Read it at: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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