Cheney's New Book Tries to Re-Write History

Evil never dies. Image from source, Time
Also, water is wet. Las Vegas is hot in August. And Glenn Beck is still crazy. Really, could anything be more predictable than Dick Cheney using the occasion of his memoir to spin, polish the truth and outright lie? We'd really expect nothing less. The question is, how long is this heartless man (okay, his heart is still there, it just doesn't beat anymore) going to keep popping up? Goodness knows he really shouldn't even be walking free. Of the huge number of Bush Administration officials who should have long ago gone to jail, I can't think of any (except maybe Karl Rove) more deserving than Cheney.

One thing we do know is that he has continued to lie long after he ceased to have a pulse.


In New Memoir, Dick Cheney Tries to Rewrite History

Early critics have argued that Dick Cheney’s forthcoming memoir, held under strict embargo until its official release on Aug. 30, is a predictable reprise of old arguments. Like most examples of the genre, In My Time has plenty of those. But a careful reading of Cheney’s narrative, obtained by TIME, turns up quite a bit of new material. Sometimes subtly and sometimes starkly, the vice president’s story takes issue with the public record on pivotal events. . .

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