Country Star Chely Wright Gets Married (to a Girl)

Ladies in white, image from source, Miami Herald
This particular event has got to be difficult for some people. I'm not talking about your grandma or your aunt Beulah who just don't "get" it. I'm talking about the rabid anti-gay crowd, particularly the guys. Usually, when we see pictures of a gay wedding, there are things they can either point and laugh at, or openly fling their scorn upon. Two guys of any sort will set them to squawking, always. A lesbian wedding will also usually do the trick, particularly when one or both of them are of proportions not suited to fashion photography. Even with the great pictures from Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Ellen is boyish enough to draw their ire.

But what to do when both  of the brides are drop-dead gorgeous? I mean, we know these guys (the ones who are not themselves secretly closeted) love the girl/girl stuff if the girls are hot. This one has to make their heads explode. Uh, no pun intended. . .


Country singer Chely Wright tweets gay wedding photos

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