Irene Peters Out, On to the Next Disaster!

Don't let 'em tell you nothing bad happened.
Image from source, MSNBC

So last week we had a rare earthquake in Virginia, felt all over the east coast and parts of the Midwest. Next came a powerful hurricane, riding the coastline, and targeted straight for New York and New England. It wasn't as rare as the earthquake, but unusual, just the same. And even though it didn't hit with the force they were predicting, it still wasn't pretty. I just hope that the hype didn't convince New Yorkers and others to ignore the next big storm.
Anyway, with all of that mother nature activity, it's unlikely that we're going to see a repeat this week. I just wonder how fast we'll get right back into the usual right vs. left.


Floods build in US as weakened Irene sloshes into Canada 

As Tropical Storm Irene chugged north into Canada, residents along the battered U.S. East Coast began surveying damage and fretted over the next danger: treacherous flooding. . .

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