Meet Miss Resorts World Manila 2011 contestant - Margo Katherine Midwinter

Miss Resorts World Manila 2011 Beauty Pageant

August 27, 2011

Candidate's Profile

Name: Margo Katherine Midwinter

20 year old Margo Midwinter is a half British beauty who once danced Tinikling for the Queen. She decided to move to Manila to know more about her Filipino heritage and follow her modelling dream. She competed before in Miss Wales 2010 and Miss Philippines-Earth 2011 and shared that being a beauty queen takes a lot of dedication. “Almost every day we wake up at 6 AM and finish all our activities by 12 midnight”, she said. Some tidbits about herself; “I am a very hardworking person. I have a background of different cultures but I still have Filipino values”.

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