Michele Bachmann: Too Much Religion in Her Politics?

As an atheistic agnostic (that's the best I can narrow it down for you), I'm distressed by the injection of religion into politics. Even before I'd sorted out my (lack of) beliefs, I learned that our founding fathers sought to keep religion and state separate. Even as a kid, I glossed over the "under God" in the pledge of allegiance. Since the age of fourteen, and solidifying as I got older, I've seen all religions as--let's just put it charitably--highly unlikely to be true.

All of that said, I'm not usually militant about it. As long as people aren't trying to force me to follow their religions tenets, especially by writing them into laws, I really don't care what others believe. I'm able to sit through a religious service (such as a funeral) without fidgeting--much--at all the overt religiosity. In fact, I'd say I give a lot more respect toward other people's beliefs than I get in return as a non-believer. I overlook Presidents and other politicians invoking God in speeches and at special events, even though to me it is like praising the Great Gazoo. But there is a line that is being crossed that I can not tolerate.

This year's crop of GOP presidential hopefuls is chock full of overtly religious candidates. One of them, Rick Perry, just had a big "pray for Texas" rally. Michele Bachmann is also extremely quick to lay on the religious talk. There are others like Rick (don't Google me) Santorum, who are irritatingly willing to mix religion and politics. But it is Perry and his associated preachers, and Bachmann who worry me the most. They are both alleged to be "dominionists." This goes beyond merely religious. Unless I'm misreading the subject, dominionists wish to supplant the United States Government with their own version of Christianity. That is not what the United States of America is about. And it puts a lie to the alleged allegiance these people claim to have to the Constitution. In fact, it makes them just about as un-American as you can be.


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