Pink Pistol Pops Penis

Image from Ruger
I believe in the Right To Bear Arms. I am a gun owner... Buuuuttt I think this right should have the equivalent of a driving test. Or like an 'Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?' type quiz. The Brady Bill just makes sure you're not a felon. Doesn't really touch on if you're a complete fucking idiot or not.

Stop me if you've heard this one... This guy walks out of the store, with his fiancee's pink pistol tucked in his front waistband (Hollywood style I presume)... ends up shooting himself... 

Thru the dick... went thru his leg too... but thru the dick seems more important here.

Why do you chamber (load) a pistol & then put it above your dick? I understand that you want to protect yourself... but why load it up & put it above your dick? Let's say there was a robbery & he goes for his loaded pink pistol... chances are strong that if he shot himself in the parking lot that he would have shot himself trying to whip it out. >rimshot<

About the pink thing... I guess to this gent the manliness of carrying a loaded pistol negates the fact that the gun is pink. To me a guy that chambers his gun & tucks it in his waistband is obviously going for the manly angle here, right? And, really, I am absolutely sure that most hardened grocery store robber types would be very threatened by a man wielding his fiancee's pink pistol... May as well be a purse.

After all this trouble to seem manly, macho, thug... whatever it is... You pop a cap in your own Johnson & essentially qualify yourself to carry a pink hand gun. And depending on how the surgery goes you may even get to carry a purse.

In conclusion, fucking idiots shouldn't own or use guns.

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