Rick Perry Flip Flops on Constitutionality of Medicare

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I'm already spectacularly underwhelmed with the "savior" of the 2012 GOP Presidential race, Rick Perry. So far, he seems kind of dim. He has that undeserved confidence thing that George W. Bush had. But he doesn't seem like an affable dunce, he seems like a dick. Plus, he's got that dominionist uber-Christian thing going for him. All of these things make me a bit verklempt. I have long ago lost any confidence in my fellow Americans, as to whom they can be won over by. But I'm hopeful that Obama's team can adequately spotlight things like this most recent flip flop. Perry wrote Fed Up! only a little over a year ago. But he is at turns suggesting that people read it, and also contradicting what it says. Clearly, there isn't much substance here. I just wonder if a public that could (sort of*) elect Bush twice, might not make the same mistake again.


Rick Perry Flip Flops On Medicare, Claims He ‘Never Said It Was Unconstitutional’

When Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) released his book Fed Up! in late 2010, one of his main critiques was that, over the past 50 years, the federal government has misconstrued the Constitution to establish “the massive programs of Medicare and Medicaid.” Now that he’s running for president, Perry is trying to sing a different tune on Medicare. . .

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* The 2000 election was decided by the Supreme Court, by way of Katherine Harris. The 2004 election may have been goosed by Ken Blackwell. I remain unconvinced that W. legitimately won either election. Call me crazy.