Science is Cool: 20-Million-Year-Old Ape Skull Discovered

In Uganda, on July 18th, French & Ugandan scientists discovered a 20-million-year-old ape skull.

To put the age of the ape skull in context; humans (homo-sapiens) evolved into our current form roughly 100,000 years ago. Which took over 2.5 million years to accomplish from a 5-7 million year old chimpanzee blueprint. A proverbial snap of Ma Nature's fingers.

Mother Nature has always fascinated me. Her beauty is unquestionable; her ferocity is unmatched. Whether it is the ocean, the land, the weather, the moon or the countless stars... She is an awe inspiring sight.

It is impossible to imagine the trillions upon trillions of cleverly evolved living things that she has given birth to. From microscopic amoeba to monstrous reptiles. From the tiniest particle to the tallest tree.

Our tiny little speck of a planet alone is over four billion years old. Embedded with a rich history of numerable creations striving, surviving, developing & dying. And to think Mother Nature has been doing this much longer than our stupid monkey brains can comprehend... on a universal scale.

Discoveries like these serve to remind me that all of "it" is so much bigger, older & more complex than we are. And that there is so much more for us to discover about nature & ultimately ourselves.

I will always be a great admirer of the infinite creativity Mother Nature possess & nurtures. Respectful of the fearless cataclysmic force she wields. And hopeful she will finally create a NON-self-destructing monkey on this planet.

We're all lucky to be part of Mother Nature's plans... good or bad. We're lucky to be alive... for now.

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