Seventh Seal Opened... At Walmart.

Graphic by Stupid Monkey Planet
In case you missed it... Whilst all of the "debt ceiling" sewage was spewing out of every media orifice the Seventh Seal was broken by Walmart.

This monkey always believed that the end times would come from Walmart somehow.

See, what happened, about a week ago, a woman was kicked out of Walmart for dressing like a Walmart customer. Seriously. She opted to wear a bikini top (purchased at said store) with her shorts, leg brace & cane... along with her bald head, tattoos & well rounded beer belly. (Take a peek here.) She was asked to leave because the other customers were offended by her appearance... Let that sink in for a second. Later Walmart clarified & said she was violating their health code.

I knoooowww... I didn't know Walmart had a health code either.

How can you dress badly enough to be kicked out of Walmart???!!!
If this is not a sign of the coming apocalypse, I really don't know what would be??? 

She was escorted out of the sprawling giant's large automated entry doors; As they slid open 'there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.' (Rev. 8:1) (Wal. 1:13)

So, I wish you all the best of luck once the trumpets sound. See you in hell.

One last thing, if there is a bright side, she may have figured out a way for the employees to finally escape.