Las Vegas finally decided to capitalize (read: cash in) on the "Fabulous" portion of their welcome sign.

It would appear the cash strapped, & oddly conservative, Las Vegas has decided that "Teh Gay" ain't so bad. At least "Teh Gay" money that is.
Finally, it looks like the number crunchers are going to the top with the facts.
"Them crazy homos is out there &they've got money to spend."

And in all honesty with $5-6 billion dollars of disposable income floating around the LGBT community, they would be stupid not to capitalize on it.

Hotels, like the MGM, are now offering 'Gay Getaways'. Not like those in the '40s that the Germans ran... But more like the ones that Ricardo Montalban might run. Friendly, fantastic, a guaranteed lei followed by the chance that there would be more than one 'straight' dude (or dudette) that would leave there in love. 

I could just see Tattoo yelling to Mr. Roarke... "De gays... de gays!!!"... 

Caesars could have a "Go Greek Week"... 

Excalibur... I guess speaks for itself... I digress.

The great thing about this type of courting by the hotels is that it sort of makes the general public get used to the idea of openly LGBT monkeys interacting amongst them. People from all walks of life essentially have to 'deal with it'. I think with that, the idea of gays actually existing in the same paradoxical world becomes more acceptable to the public at large. Almost like the subliminal messages pasted into the reel to reel movies of old.

Especially in Vegas which caters to the ADD, AADD, AA, GA, depressed, drunk & heavily medicated society at large. Really there is no better way to influence someone than when they are vulnerable & loose.

Imagine you get John & Marsha walking down 'The Strip' saying, "Wow, Did you see those two dudes were kissing?!?!?..."

Followed by John exclaiming... "There was naked chicks in that glass truck!!!" (banned for now...)

Marsha then notices 100 illegal aliens handing out call girl flyers, followed by a dog act, magic act, some guy stuffed into a small glass box & a lemonade stand.

But maybe with all of that it opens the doors to more of a "Meh" attitude towards gays... Seriously, we're all just "Meh" monkeys after all... No one more special than the other... Some of us are just better dressers.

Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but I think it would be just Faaabuuuulooouusssssss!!!

See more below... Here is a link to video below if your system or browser does not display.

Video from Channel 8 News Las Vegas - www.8newsnow.com