What Happens in Vegas: Snooki Looms Over the Strip

On my way to jury duty today (which resulted in a month's delay. . .no idea if I have to serve), I passed two enormous billboards, featuring Jersey Shore's "Snooki." Now, I realize that at 45 years old, I am no longer MTV's target audience (though I certainly was when they debuted). But I'm both puzzled and saddened by the fact that this program and this woman are attractive to anyone.

I'm hopeful that we're going through a phase. A very long phase, that we'll look back upon with shame, or only vague nostalgia. Like when the first wave of "reality television" hit TV, with That's Incredible! and Real People. Because even though there are some fantastic programs out there (The Walking Dead, True Blood, Dexter), it is the garbage that seems to turn on the kids of today. While I've never watched a single episode, I've gleaned enough to see that Jersey Shore is crap. I've seen enough of its stars to know that they have no real reason to be famous. Like the four Kardashian shows that Bruce Jenner's step-daughters have, and the Real Housewives of wherever, this odd looking Snooki person has no discernible talent, isn't particularly attractive, and is a squillionaire anyway.

But beyond the "famous for being famous" irritation, I'm even more irritated that my city of Las Vegas regularly puts up giant billboards touting these no-talents (and have for years) as "hosts" of parties at the various top-shelf nightclubs. I'm sad that these lesser lights get as much or more attention than the genuine stars performing here, and I'm sad that this apparently works. The beautiful youth of the day must actually look at a poster of Snooki, and say, "Now THAT'S the place I've got to be on Friday night!" Not exactly a ringing endorsement for today's young adults.

If you want to join Snooki, click here. I won't tell anybody.