All About Rep. Sally Kern (R-Okla.), Anti-Gay Bigot

I'm still not convinced she isn't a clever
Rachel Dratch character. Image from Mediaite.
As he often does, friend and contributor Stupid Monkey Planet sent me a few blogging ideas (I was running short). But a bunch of them are all on one topic, Oklahoma Congresswoman Sally Kern (R-Obviously). So bear with me, I'm going to try to work them all into one post.

For a while now, Sally has been famous for saying incendiary things about gay people. But like a lot of the tea baggin' GOP these days, when she gets called on her outrageous remarks, she doesn't backpedal, she doubles down.  But also like many of her contemporaries (think Rick Perry's "Social Security = Ponzi Scheme"), Sally goes too big. Prime example:


GOP state legislator: Homosexuality worse than terrorism 

Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R-84) recently defended remarks she made in 2008 that homosexuality was a bigger threat than terrorism or Islam…by explaining that homosexuality is more dangerous than terrorist attacks. . .

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But what exactly makes Sally so anti-gay anyway? There's gotta be something. You know, like Michele Bachmann's anti-gay comments and migraines must come from (Cough! Marcus! Cough!) somewhere. And you might be right. Much like Mr. Bachmann, Mr. Kern seems to specialize in "praying away the gay." You can let history and intuition be your guide on what drives Mr. Kern.


The Untold Story About Sally Kern 

. . .Does it make sense to you to label someone who actually helps people who struggle with homosexuality as hateful, bigoted, anti-gay and an evil homophobe? The untold part of this story – which I delight to tell you now – is that behind the scenes, Rep. Sally Kern and her husband, Dr. Stephen Kern have supported First Stone Ministries for many years. Dr. Stephen Kern is the senior pastor at Olivet Baptist Church, which actually hosts some of First Stone Ministries’ support groups. The Kern’s have a special place in their hearts for our ministry to those who struggle with same-sex attractions and homosexuality. For several years before all this controversy erupted, they had put action to their love for those who are struggling and for their families. The next part of this untold story is from a current staff member with First Stone Ministries. . .

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Sally Kern would clean up at "Really Bad
Analogy" if it were a game show.
Image of Oklahoma City Bombing from Wikipedia.

Anyway, this is only the most recent rehash from Sally about the gay being worse than terrorism. She said something similar as far back as 2008. It didn't sit well with a high school senior there, who--understandably, being that it is Oklahoma--had personal experience with terrorism, and didn't appreciate the comparison:


A letter to Sally Kern from a senior in high school in Oklahoma.

. . ."As you were not a resident of Oklahoma on that day, it could be explained why you so carelessly chose words saying that the homosexual agenda is worst than terrorism. I can most certainly tell you through my own experience that is not true. I am sure there are many people in your voting district that laid a loved one to death after the terrorist attack on Oklahoma City. I kind of doubt you'll find one of them that will agree with you. . ."

Read his letter at: Equality Florida 

Obviously, Sally was not swayed by this boy's letter. But that is not surprising. After all, she very well may be in a serious state of denial and/or cognitive dissonance, because. . .

Not--as far as I know--Sally Kern's Son.

Sally Kern Scrubs Gay Son?

Uh-oh! Could foul-mouthed Sally Kern’s secret be out of the bag?
The Oklahoma lawmaker’s homophobic remarks have been the talk of the town recently, especially her assertion that gay folk are infiltrating schools to indoctrinate children. And, sensing a critical national spotlight, Kern made a very suspicious change to her official government homepage. . .

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