Another GOP Debate. . .

Two Mannequins, one brain. Image from source, MSNBC
Okay, here's a liberal's take from Wednesday's GOP debate on MSNBC:

- Mitt Romney came across as the winner. He's not crazy, and he never stumbled
- Rick Perry is fairly good in this format--if you're not really listening. Otherwise, he's kind of a loose cannon, and I don't think his extreme views on Social Security are going to serve him well.
- Michele Bachmann slid into 2nd-tier status. She seemed no more relevant than Rick Santorum.
- Rick Santorum seems desperate, and has no business in the forum, considering the fact that several other candidates--who poll as high as he does--were shut out.
- Ron Paul got to talk a lot. As usual, he's a Cuisinart mix of common sense and crazy. Mostly crazy.
- Herman Cain has a 9-9-9 plan. What's that upside down, Herm? No traction for Herman.
- Jon Huntsman came across very well for someone on one of the bottom rungs. I don't think it'll help him, but he's the only one of the bunch I'd vote for.
- Newt Gingrich is feisty and grouchy, but stands as much chance as I do of becoming the 2012 GOP nominee.


Perry, Romney lock horns at GOP debate

Eager to tangle, Republican presidential rivals Rick Perry and Mitt Romney sparred vigorously over job creation and Social Security Wednesday night in a lively campaign debate that marked a new turn in the race to pick a 2012 challenger to President Barack Obama. . .

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