Blast from the Past: Sitcom Bloopers

This week's edition of Blast from the Past was inspired by the movie Bridesmaids, which I got on blu-ray today. I finished the film--funny, but oversold, much like The Hangover--by watching the gag reel. If you like the performers in a movie or TV show, the bloopers can be spectacularly entertaining. And with TV in particular, you are very familiar with the performer and the character. So the bloopers seem even funnier.

So, I decided to raid the YouTubes, and see what I could come up with for some classic sitcom bloopers. And here we go. . .

First up is Friends, a 10-season classic. Second, The Big Bang Theory, a currently-airing show. But since this is from season 3, it counts as a blast from the past, I guess.

Next, is one of my favorite shows, Laverne & Shirley, with an unfortunately short clip. Naturally, Three's Company, the innocently dirty show that followed is next.

Frasier deserves a slot, given its longevity (I'm sure there are bloopers for parent show Cheers available too), followed by Two and a Half Men, before they killed off Charlie Sheen's character.

I couldn't leave Roseanne off the list. Or Will & Grace either.

And I could probably keep going with this. But since the Google Blogger interface is literally EATING the clips as I put them up, I'd better finish now before they're gone! Happy Monday!