Blast from the Past: Ten Years Ago in Pop Culture

I started this edition of Blast from the Past after having watched hours of 9/ll remembrance and rebuilding. And the whole topic of what happened that day has been hit from just about every angle. Quite frankly, many of us are just emotionally wrung out by the whole thing. So, since this regular Sunday feature of mine has to do with fun things from the past, I thought I'd shine a light on what was going on in pop culture ten years ago. As much for the September 11th anniversary, as just for the curiosity.

Sooo. . .at the top of the pop charts was I'm Real by Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule. The number one dance hit was I Feel Love by Depeche Mode.

And right now, I'm kind of wondering if I was even paying attention at the time. I don't know those songs at all! Okay, so what were the big movies that week? Well, Sunday, Sept. 9 was the Sunday that week, and the number one movie was The Musketeer. It starred Catherine Deneuve. I've never heard of it. The next one? Rush Hour 2 with Chris Tucker. I've heard of it, but wouldn't watch it on a bet. All righty then, we'll go with clips for number one and one of the only other ones on the list I liked, Jeepers Creepers with Justin Long (the Mac guy).

So we've found one thing I like. Okay. Television is a little harder, because the fall TV season doesn't start until late in September. But the number one show going into the 2001 fall TV season was a newbie called Survivor. It was followed by an older show, a medical drama called ER. Okay, now we're in my territory!