Chris Christie Not Entering Race. . .Or Is He?

Chris Christie, apparently "The Ronald Reagan of the United States"
immediately before he ate the microphone. Image from Politico.
I don't know which is funnier, the fact that Republicans are desperate for a replacement candidate for President, or that the beltway press can't take no for an answer. All eyes were on a Chris Christie speech being given on Tuesday night. When asked whether or not he was running, he mentioned a Politico video clip of Christie saying "no," over and over again. That is the answer, he said. And yet, Politico itself is saying he left the question open? That's the only reason I have a question in my headline. . .I'm not a beltway pundit, what do I know? But it sounded like an answer to me.


Chris Christie leaves 2012 run question open, attacks Obama

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie confirmed he’s thinking about getting into the presidential race to an audience literally begging him to get in. . .

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