Crazy Pizza Guy Wins Florida Straw Poll!

"Five dollar foot loooonnnnngggg!!! Wait, wrong restaurant."
 Image from Huffington Post

As further evidence of an extremely weak GOP field, Herman Cain--that's right, the Godfather's pizza guy with zero political experience--won Florida's Republican 2012 straw poll. And there's word that they're trying to draft New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Is there any wonder?


Herman Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll Ahead Of 2012 

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain came out on top in the Florida straw poll on Saturday.
The former CEO of Godfather's Pizza won the test of conservative strength with roughly 37 percent of the vote. Texas Governor Rick Perry came in second place, followed by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who did not actively compete in the event. Here's a full breakdown of the result. . .

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