Crowd at GOP/Google/FOX "News" Boos Gay Soldier

Each of these Republican debates seems to have a defining moment, doesn't it? One was the crowd cheering capital punishment. One had the crowd cheering "let him die" over a hypothetical man without health insurance. And Thursday's had the crowd booing a soldier. Nice. Apparently, they only  "support the troops" if they aren't gay.

And it must be pointed out that a) the question was only asked of irrelevant Rick (don't Google me) Santorum, and b) Santorum's answer was nonsense. "Any type of sexual activity has no place in the military. . ."  Really Rick?  Lifting  Don't Ask, Don't Tell was about letting people have sex in the military? What a douche. Oh, and c) that soldier could probably kick any of the boo-ers' asses. And lastly, it should be pointed out that in all of the above GOP debate audience ass-holisms, nobody on the dais uttered one word of admonishment to the crowd.