Herman Cain's Offensive 9/11 "Tribute" Video

I am not religious (at all) and am not particularly emotional or sentimental. So, I'm not offended that Hermain Cain is singing "God Bless America" over images of the 9/11 attacks. I'm confused by it, as it would seem that "God" was sleeping that day.  I'd say that this video dims Mr. Cain's chances in the 2012 GOP primary elections. . .except that he never had a chance anyway. So. . .

WARNING: The video contains explicit videos from September 11, 2001. Most of us have seen them, but this is brutal stuff.


Herman Cain produces incredibly tasteless 9/11 video

So, Joe Scarborough only produced the second-grossest 9/11 "tribute" video I've seen this week. Herman Cain's presidential campaign produced this monstrosity, in which Cain croons "God Bless America" over footage of the 2001 attacks and their aftermath. . .

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