Miss Humanity International 2011 Contestant - Miss South Africa, Natasha Pretorius's Photo & Profile/Biography

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Country: Republic of South Africa
Age: 22 years
Height: 1.74 cm
Occupation: Self Employed
Horoscope: Cancer


I am responsible for my own life. I have my dreams and I wish to reach them in order for me to be fulfilled knowing I am doing what I love and making a difference, one step at a time. Laugh as much as I breathe and love as long as I live. The biggest adventure I can ever take is to live the life of my dreams. Inspire – Motivate – Guide – Discover – Explore


Outdoor Recreation, Random Research , Photography, Painting


TASH’S LIFE IN A NUTSHELL: I attended a Christian School up to Grade 11 and finished my Grade 12 year in a government school where I obtained my National Senior Certificate. During my schooling years I also attended a Deportment and Modelling School where I obtained diplomas in Deportment, Image Building and Pageantry. Among being a finalist and placing in pageants, my biggest achievement was winning Model of the Year for 3 consecutive years (2004-2005). After leaving school, I started to travel to different countries. During this time I found a niche market and I am now currently busy setting up a Pageant Academy abroad. I envision my business to be a premiere one stop professional Deportment, Modelling and Pageantry academy. My mission is to boost my students self image and confidence levels to greater height by giving the best possible tuition and produce world class beauty queens who will not only launch a professional modelling career, but strive to make a difference in their communities and be a committed ambassador for their country.

Humanitarian Advocacy:

Oprah Winfrey once said: “Before you agree to do anything that might add even the smallest amount of stress to your life, ask yourself: What is my truest intention? Give yourself time to let a yes resound within you. When it's right, I guarantee that your entire body will feel it.” Well - a “yes” resounded within me and I felt it. I am conscious about the responsibilities & challenges ahead and when I think about what I will do for humanity and my causes, nothing will beat the euphoria of knowing that I inspired, motivated, encouraged and possibly saved someone in need. This is my truest intention.

When asked what I feel South Africa needs most, I would have to say “Stepping stones.” In South Africa we often lack the opportunities for people to get from where they are now, to a better life. They need opportunities such as education, nutrition, and medical services. Through educating both the people, we are trying to uplift, and the rest of the world through AWARENESS
- I hope to bridge the gap, and be the stepping stone that SA needs. I hope to accomplish this by
working through established foundations and focusing on two different areas, both of which carry huge passion and personal motivation for me.

As part of my Humanitarian Advocacy I have teamed up with Nourish. NOURISH is a South African Non-Profit Organisation dedicated to uplifting local communities, promoting social responsibility, and encouraging environmental education. Nourish strives to improve the lives of people and the environment. From assisting AIDS orphanages with core needs such as food, or clothing, to creating awareness to travellers, to “greening” rural communities - I am heart and soul involved with the work that Nourish is doing! For more information please visit http://www.nourish.org.za/

The other focus which I have, as a passionate and proud South African humanitarian, is that of creating awareness for the lack of health care, awareness and funding when it comes to two illnesses; Cystic Fibrosis and Hydrocephalus. These are issues very close to my heart as I have seen firsthand the effects of these illnesses. Since the cost of treatment is often beyond the reach of the poorer communities in developing countries many people, especially infants may die.
For this reason, this is a cause that I choose to use my voice to bring attention to.

While my two causes and passions may seem varied; in truth they aren’t. My heart lies within Africa, and for the beautiful people that make up my country. People’s needs are sometimes more than meets the eye, and that’s why I choose to be an advocate in supporting charities and organisations that try to meet these needs, whether it be medical, mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, or environmental.

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